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March 27, 2009

Selecting an Overseas Hospital For Your Surgical Procedure

If you are considering medical tourism (overseas healthcare), the hospital will be the most important factor in your decision making process, after choosing the doctor. You will want to feel assured that you will be having your procedure in a modern, state-of-the-art facility, with the highest level of accreditation and standards. Such a hospital should have a medical travel process with a high level of commitment and reputation for serving international patients.

In every medical tourism destination, there are literally hundreds of public and private hospitals serving their own domestic populations. Today many hospitals around the world have opted to jump on the bandwagon of the emerging medical travel trend by promoting their facilities to potential medical tourists.  With such a vast array of hospitals to chose from, researching international hospitals has become a daunting and confusing process. 

If you work with a reputable medical travel facilitator, they will have already conducted detailed site inspections of their affiliate hospitals to ensure international standards are met. More importantly, if your agent has sent many patients to a specific hospital, they will have a very close relationship with the doctors and administrators resulting in priority communication status. Beyond this, the ultimate leverage that you will have in terms of ensuring the successful outcome of your procedure is the reputation and financial growth of the hospital. The last thing that any of these elite healthcare providers would ever want is for you to have a complication resulting from their error, which could end up on CNN Headline News the next day and negatively impact their future in this industry.


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