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May 14, 2009

Medical Tourism Success – It’s All In The Relationships

When choosing a service or product, most people base their final decision on the quality of the relationship they have with their merchant or sales person. If you think about it, relationships are the true heart and soul of all business transactions.
When traveling abroad for healthcare, one of the best ways to ensure a safe and pleasurable experience is by accessing good, solid relationsips between a medical travel facilitator and their foreign associates. High quality relationships provide good leverage to get things done appropriately, with a high level of satisfaction.

One of our clients was quoted for a six hour operation and it actually took twelve. Because of our strong bond with the hospital, they waived the extra charges. That’s a huge benefit that may not have been offered in the U.S.
There are other advantages to working with a reputable medical tourism facilitation agency when seeking surgery abroad. A few examples include:

  • an effective conduit of communication with overseas facilities
  • accurate arrangement of all the details and logistics
  • list of references to draw upon
  • pre-negotiated discounts

But again, one of the most important criteria you should consider is the quality of relationships they have with their affiliates. Solid relationships ensure that your needs and concerns are immediately addressed. When it comes to deciding on a medical travel facilitator, you need to know how well-connected they are overseas. We happen to have direct access to the CEO’s of our affiliates. That can be a good card to draw upon, if needed.

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  1. When an individual chooses to travel abroad for a medical procedure it is a huge decision. They are often times out on a limb and treading in new territory. Therefore, their comfort is a top priority and being able to form a relationship with this individual can be make or break for business.

    Comment by SatoriWorldMed — July 14, 2009 @ 5:41 pm | Reply

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